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HofE Platinum 3 Rabbits Tripple Hopped IPA

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Product Brand:   Heart Of England Platinum
Product Code:   PLAT3RABTIPA
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The Heart of England brand has always stood for great quality and value and has a superb reputation built up from over 30 years of great products. Now it also includes this incredible range of pure malt beers that offer great quality at an unbeatable price. Enjoy. Our most popular premium beer kit range

3kg of the finest concentrated brewers worts made from selected finest grains to produce incredible worts that are then concentrated to make for easy brewing at home then with an added packet of hop pellets and premium brewers yeast we have a great pack to brew 40 great pints of true to type beer.

The Rabbits have been at it again just in case 2 rabbits was not enough we now have the tripple hopped 3 Rabbits tripple IPA. Stunning quality pale ale malts with great rich full body and soft biscuit notes form the perfect pale ale base to be layered with three different hops Sheer satisfaction and refreshment in a glass with hop character of orange, lemon & graprfruit citrus flavours and hints of spice pear and blackcurrant & berry notes.
Which all makes for an excellent pale IPA with incredible hop character which is sure to be a firm favourite for many years to come.

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