Woodfords Beer Kits

Woodfordes top quality beer kits have been developed in conjunction with the Woodfordes brewery using their original grist formulation to accurately emulate the individual character of the Woodfordes commercial beers.

3kg of pure malt, no sugar required

woodfords nog porter kit
Woodfords Nog Porter Kit
Woodfords Nog Porter 40 pint 3kg bbeer making kit. Winner of the 2009 World Beer Awards, “World’s best Old Ale”, Norfolk Nog is full of roast malt character which dominates the nose and palate and contributes to the long dry finish. Hits of fruit, rich caramel and malt add satisfing complexity to this beautiful dark ale. Weight (Kg): 3.0 kg Makes: 23 L / 40 pints at approx. 4.5% ABV