Design A Brew MiniMash

Design A Brew minimash Microbrewery Brewing System. Have you always wanted to try using grains and hops but like the simplicity of a kit ? Well now we have the best of both worlds.The Design A Brew MiniMash range of beers are made with only the very best premium ingredients - Briess Concentrated Brewing Worts, Specialist Grains, Premium hops, Excellent years and great instructions.While it is possible to brew these packs in large saucepans you would ideally use a Cellar Supplies thermostatic boiler heating 4 gallon of water to 66 oC and steeping the grains in a grain bag for half an hour (minimash) before removing the grains and turning the thermostat up to boil. While the temperature is rising add in the concentrated worts either liquid dried or both then when boiling add the hops to the chart in the instructions. One hour later run into your fermenter and brew.
Features:Best Quality Ingredients, Premium Briess Grains, Commercial grade concentrated brewers worts, Fresh hop pellets, excellent yeast, Great simple to follow complete instructions, One Pot Brew.
Cant See your favorite just give us a call and we can put it together for you.