wobblygob mini press 15 bottle complete starter pack
WobblyGob Mini Press 15 bottle Complete Starter Pack Dry Cider
WobblyGob Small Orchard Mini Press 15 bottle complete craft cider making starter pack. All the best things come in small packages. That now includes cider with this stunning new range of ciders from WobblyGob that is ideal when you dont want 40 pints. These packs produce 15 x 500ml bottles (7.5ltrs) without the need for any other ingredients or sugar apart from water Like all WobblyGob Ciders these specially designed packs still contain only the best purest apple concentrate without any padding agents or added sugar and premium cider yeast. This pack has all ingredients apart from water to produce 7.5ltrs 15 x 500ml bottles of great clean crisp and refreshing traditional cider. Together with all the equipment to produce it in one simple pack with excellent easy to follow instructions. 10litre food grade fermenting container for brewing your crafty cider in with lid Easy to use tap fitted to bucket for easy bottling Cleaner steriliser enough for all your equipment and bottles and plenty left for your next couple of brews as well Brewing mixing spoon for easy mixing Hydrometer to tell you when it is ready for bottling. 15 x reuseable 500ml bottles and 15 x reuseable cap WobblyGob Small Orchard mini press cider making kit all you will need is water to brew and a few teaspoons of sugar for priming your bottles with.
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Starter Pack for Cider