Co2 for Beer kegs
Co2 for Beer kegs
We are able to supply a wide range of food grade Co2 for your brewing from 8gm bulbs through the traditional and most popular S 30 style cylinder to
Heating Equipment
Heating Equipment
Just like the rest of us your brew likes to be warm while working away so we have a range of heaters to suit
measuring spoon set of 3
Measuring Spoon Set of 3
Set of 3 measuring spoons 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 teaspoon
float set (to fit new style tap)
Float Set (to fit new style tap)
Replacement Float set for top tap kegs this model is with the new float plug with the thinner washer to fit onto the new style taps not the original drum tap. Great float with rotating float so it will always be the right way up To fit to an original drum tap you will need to order the "float connector to fit drum tap" as well. Why not look at our Deluxe sparkler tap with built in fitting for a float so no float plug is required.
brewgas whizz stick stainless steel mixing/degassing stick
Brewgas Whizz Stick Stainless steel mixing/degassing stick
Brewgas Whizz Stick Stainless steel mixing/degassing stick A great time saving tool, stainless steel bar for easy cleaning and strength with moving paddles and a bung to fit a wine fermenter so you can use it in a wide variety of containers. Simply attach to a drill corded or cordless and effortlessly mix your beer, wine cider etc and then after fermentation simply and easily remove unwanted co2 from your wine so you taste the true flavour of your wine without any unwanted off flavours from gases. Easy to clean easy to use and long lasting quality product