Ultimate Brewery Classics Beer Packs

The Ultimate worldwide brewery classics gives you the chance to recreate some of the best beer styles from around the world, every one an absolute classic. Ultimate premium extract produced from only the finest grains available in a superb brew house before blending with just the right hops make this more of a concentrated wort just waiting for you to add the water and brew your own micro brewery premium quality beer
ultimate brewery classics staffordshire gold summer ale
Ultimate Brewery Classics Staffordshire Gold Summer Ale
Ultimate Brewery Classics - Staffordshire Gold Summer Ale A modern day classic this full bodied golden pale summer ale is wonderfully smooth clean & refreshing and very easy to drink. Add to this a great rich burst of traditional English Fuggles and we get A Superb Summer ale thats just as good in the winter. Best served cool or chilled 3kg brewery grade Pure brewers wort, varietal hop character, no boiling, brews 40pts, genuine USA brewers wort & hops
UBC Vienna Lager
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UBC English Porter
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