professional testing service: alcohol testing
Professional Testing Service: Alcohol Testing
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Professional Testing Service: Alcohol Testing
Through our winery Beacon valley, we are now able to offer proffesional testing services, the first of these being alcohol We use an industry standard Ebuliometer that will calculate the alcohol content in a finished drink to 1/10 yes a tenth of a percentage point. These are as used by the English wine board and approved by Customs & To use this service order your number of tests from our catalogue and then send us a sample of your drink attaching your order reference to the container and we will the send you an alcohol report. This service conducted by a lab would typically cost £25-30 but we are able to offer this service at a fraction of this cost, once again our way of bringing proffesional services normally only available to commercial producers to the home beer & wine maker.
Multiple test discount is for tests carried out at the same time.
1 - 10.00
2 - 17.50
3 = 25.00
4 = 33.32
5 = 41.65
6 = 49.98
7 = 58.31
8 - 66.64
9 = 74.97
10 = 83.30

Please mark all samples clearly for easy identification during testing and for sending you the results. Please send at least 150ml (ideally 250ml) of still (non carbonated)each product for testing.
Please choose alcohol testing results on the shipping page as there is no shipping cost for this service as we will email the results over to you.
Please note that although this service is for wine based products up to 17% abv higher alcohol products can also be tested. These products are tested twice straight and a 50% dilution with distilled water but ideally would be below 34% while all testing is carried about carefuly and professionaly higher alcohol products or high sugar level products or products with residual gas have the possibility of being a 1/10th of a point out.

Please note that from this week we will no longer be able to offer results for products with an abv of over 35%. Products over 35% will now exceed the scale of our equipment and just show as over 35% and will be reported as such
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