Delux Rotating Sparge Arm with support frame
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Delux Rotating Sparge Arm with support frame
A scaled down version of a commercial sparging arrm. You attach tube from the arm to your sparge water when this runs through the arm the arm rotates to provide a fine misting spray over your mash.
Made to fit a typical home size mashing bin such as a Bruheat, Electrim etc. It is complete with a top support frame that adjusts for your mash tun to provide a nice seating position. This great piece of equipment is great quality and professionally engineered with care right here in the West midlands by craftsmen.
The rotating arm is 215mm long and the down tube 145mm long and it will spin with a header tank of just 500ml of water.
We are very proud of this great piece of equipment and the excellent manufactureing of it
    Great Sparge arm
    Sparge in the commercial style
    Quality equipment made in the West Midlands
 Sparge arm & Stainless steel Wort Chiller
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