Briess CBW Rye
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Briess CBW Rye
CBW® stands for "Concentrated Brewers Wort". That's exactly what these malt extracts areconcentrates of brewers wort. CBW® brewer's grade malt extracts are produced from Briess Malts in a state-of-the-art brewhouse, then gently vacuum evaporated to maintain their rich, full flavour. A multiple step infusion brewing process gives high fermentability & FAN, which is critical for brewing. That's how these extracts earn their title as true brewer's grade malt extracts.That means when you brew with CBW®, you're not only brewing with the most superior malt extracts available, you're also preserving the "all malt" character of your all extract, extract with grain or "all grain" brew.
CBW Rye malt extract is ideal for Roggenbier or any style of rye beer. Specially formulated to give an appealing malty, caramel flavour with subtle spicy rye notes. Use alone or with other extracts for rye beer or add to any other beer style to give complexity
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