Briess CBW Golden Light 14.51kg Growler
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Briess CBW Golden Light
Briess Concentrated brewers worts are just that produced the USA's growing heartland from their own premium malted grains using a precisely controlled multiple step infusion for the best possible FAN levels for perfect fermentability we genuinly believe these are the best unhopped malt extracts available, all packed in fully recycleable plastic containers with a screw cap and a sterile inner foil seal for absolute freshness.
We have receipes and lots of infomation on these superb products please feel free to ask for a recommendation.
Golden light, ideal pale malt extract for a wide variety of beers.
CBW® stands for "Concentrated Brewers Wort". That's exactly what these malt extracts areconcentrates of brewers wort. CBW® brewer's grade malt extracts are produced from Briess Malts in a state-of-the-art brewhouse, then gently vacuum evaporated to maintain their rich, full flavour. A multiple step infusion brewing process gives high fermentability & FAN, which is critical for brewing. That's how these extracts earn their title as true brewer's grade malt extracts.That means when you brew with CBW®, you're not only brewing with the most superior malt extracts available, you're also preserving the "all malt" character of your all extract, extract with grain or "all grain" brew.
The Stunning Briess Concentrated Brewers Worts are now available in an all new 32lb/14.5kg wide mouth growler so that the best malt is now the easiest to use as well. Featuring a wide 54mm opening for easy pouring you can now use just the amount of stunning malt that you need and then easily reseal the cap. Featuring a foil inner seal for maximum freshness before opening and a

container strong enough to reuse when empty and boxed for easy storage we have the best of both worlds the best product in the best packaging.

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