Black Friday Offers

For one week only we have added a new page to our catalogue you can find it from the home page and it is called black friday have a look for lots of incredible price reductions and offers that will be available for just one week unless they sell out first we will try to add more as we go so check regularly but dont delay some may be very limited quantity.

More Essenses on the way

It is a very exciting time for flavour essenses at the moment after what seems like months of work we now have a big consignment of new ones on the way to us that will hopefully arrive by the middle of next week.

We have added up to 50 new flavours some old favourites and some brand new, from Plymouth gin to liqueurs and with a great price break through as well so watch this space and keep an eye on the website or check in store for more news in the coming days.

Incredible new ciders

We have been flat out brewing ciders for quite a while now but are incredibly proud of the results after experimenting with lots of different blends and tweaking my receipes over recent months we have perfected not one but two new ciders, although i have to admit to quite enjoying the sampling and taste testing.

On top of the improvements to the already stunning apple blend these two new flavours really hit the spot.
Mixed Berries, Great refreshing apple cider with the added flavour of mixed traditional British berries for a delightfully fruity and easy to drink medium cider with a lovely aroma of soft berries and fruit and a great big fruit flavour that hits the spot every time
Orange & Chilli apple cider, The refreshing citrus flavour of ripe oranges perfectly matches with the warm rich flavour and heat from chillies add this to the incredible rich apples in our
cider and you get this great cider that is refreshing rich warming and satisfying all at the same time.

Plus still only £19.99 for a 40pt kit

We will brew more and try and get them on tasting but were that nice we have drank all of the test brews. We have quite a few other flavours under development so if you have a favourite why not mention it and we will have a look.

I really need to balance my diet now and add some beer to the cider as well.

New Gin Botanicals Pack

Brand new just arrived today just in time for the weekend is a great new botanicals pack for producing gin from still spirits with 50 gm of mixed botanicals you just pop these into your botanical basket on the air still to brew your own great gin, more to follow as soon as we have tried it

Guest Ales Do it Again

The incredible guest ale range has given us some great brews over the last year and has just done it again. With the Czech me out Pilsner and Palisade Pale ale nearly sold out we have two new very limited brews just in.

Burton Pale Oak Cask Heritage Ale

Great Rich & smooth full bodied Burton Union oak cask style ale. Enjoy this classic heritage ale style, the rich full malt smoothness is enhanced with soft oak textures that is reminiscent of the classic Burton Union oak casked ales that defined an era of British ale. With 2.8kg of ingredients just add water and brew

RRP £20.00

Offer Price Just £15.00

American style IPA 1.8kg of lovely rich malt for a great smooth and tasty IPA topped with wonderful flavour and aroma of premium American hops with floral and citrus notes.

Why not brew with a beer enhancer for an even smoother and creamier ale

RRP £15.99

Offer Price Just £9.99


New Vegan Beer Finings

Starbrite is a vegan-friendly beer fining, no animal products have been used. This can be used as a direct replacement for isinglass. This fining is being used by more commercial breweries that offer vegan-friendly beer.

  • Clears beers quickly
  • Compacts sediment
  • Long shelf life
  • No animal products
  • No sulphites
  • GMO-free

Starbrite is easy to use, simply add 10ml into 23 litres (5 gallons) of beer, following the guidelines shown on the label towards the end of fermentation and gently stir. Starbrite is sufficient to clear up to three 5 gallon brews.

It has the added advantage that it’s totally vegan-friendly, easy to store, and economical in the volume of product required. Starbrite has no negative flavour effect on your beer, or impact on foam, colour or aroma. Starbrite also complies with German Purity law regulations and section 9 of the provisional Beer Law.

For the advanced brewer:

It can be added in the fermenter or keg where it will clear the beer rapidly, or it can be added to the brew at whirlpool or chilled wort to improve clarification, stabilisation and filterability in the brewing process.

The Rabbits are multiplying

When two rabbits is not quite enough…. along comes three, this stunning IPA is full bodied and smooth with a light biscuit texture and pale colour perfect to take the great flavour from three hops that are in the pack. Sheer satisfaction and refreshment in a glass with hop character of orange, lemon & grapefruit citrus flavours and hints of spice pear and blackcurrant & berry notes from three stunning hop varieties.

Compared to the 2 Rabbits this has a paler colour and more distinct hop flavours, and looks set to become another instant classic.

Especially when it is in one of our most popular ranges, The Heart Of England Platinum using commercial grade concentrated brewers worts and our stunning yeast. RRP £22.99 Our Price just £19.99 and available now.

Click here to view on website

Yaaaayyyyy Cider

I know it has only been a couple of weeks but a couple of weeks without any WobblyGob Traditional cider is a lot longer but now it is all back in stock and better than ever.

We have removed the small amount of sugar and increased the apple juice plus by careful packing we are keeping all of the incredible apple aroma now as well. Then to top it all off the increase in quality has not increased the price they are still just £19.99 a pack.

What out for new flavours coming very soon now as well.

Alcohol Free G & T !!

It might sound like the last thing you would expect to hear from us but we have been asked a couple of times recently about low alcohol or alcohol free drinks and have come up with a great solution.

We have a great range of spirit and liqueur flavours which cover just about any flavour or style you can think of so say you really like pink gin but don`t want to drink in the week why not add the pink gin flavouring straight into your tonic water or lemonade so that you have the same flavour but without the alcohol. You could do the same with say rum & coke or brandy and lemonade by simply adding the flavour to the mixer. we could also of course show you how to do it with the alcohol as well but either way just ask.

New Gins, I’m a convert

Well i have never really been into gin, I didnt even like the old parma violets sweets but purely for research purposes i tried the new gin essenses in the still spirits range last night and i have to admit they have a wonderful flavour and aroma that is just delightful especially chilled in this great summer we are having.

There are three new flavours just arrived each essence bottle is enough to flavour 3 x 75cl bottles

Pink Gin, Makes a forest berry gin style with a delicate pink hue, the perfect summer drink.

Pink Grapefruit Gin, Makes a dry gin style with juniper and spice. Balanced by a citrus fusion of pink grapefruit, orange and lime.

Elderflower Gin, Makes a classic dry gin style with a twist. Juniper led with a summery elderflower fragrant finish.