New Ciders in the Sun

I have been working on adding new varieties to the WobblyGob Cider range for some time now but the pressure of making the best cider pack is that every new one has to just as good as the incredible styles we already have so no pressure then đŸ™‚

As normal a few flavour combinations dont quite come up to our high standard but then unexpected ones can amaze, I am just about to taste the next round of flavours, a hard job tasting all this great cider but somethings you just have to do yourself and can not expect someone else to do for you.

So far so good and we should be getting some incredible new flavours in this stunning range coming along very soon, and it could well be that a couple of them might just replace the blood orange cider as my personal favorite.

If you have a favorite flavour for cider let me know it could be one i am working on.

Cheers, Chris

New Top Hat Premium Pale Ales

We have been busy brewing up new recipes recently and have just completed the first of the new product ranges. I had been looking for a while to combine some of my favourite flavours and the first result of this is the new Top Hat range of pale ales. Combining a lovely clean pale ale with great hop flavour has resulted in what is now the Top Hat range, a 1.8kg canister of premium commercial grade pale ale brewers extract with extra hop pellets to further enhance the hops in the extract add a great yeast and there we have it. First one up is a great start i love the flavour of traditional British  Bramling Cross hops which have a great modern flavour reminiscent of a UK/USA fusion pale ale, more are on the way and quite close as i expert to be tasting my next batches very soon so watch this space as they say.

Why Top Hat well the ingredients are a cut above and we are keeping the flavour under the hat with the extra hops under the cap/hat on top which looking at the shape of it just reminded me of a top hat.